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Some of our satisfied clients

Freeboh.com allows an me to develop and maintain my own pool of part-timers for my banquet events. It also allows me to have back-up personnel in case of absenteeism. The training which was conducted by the Freeboh team was done efficiently and comprehensively. We hope to have a lasting partnership with Freeboh to meet our manpower needs in the future.

John Balasta, Banquet Manager

In the F&B industry, it’s not easy to get locals to apply for our jobs. So we were really surprised to receive 60 applications in 2 months. Other than the great results, Freeboh is also really easy to use! I recommend this to all my friends.

Gobind Pal Singh, Operational Manager

Freeboh is extremely easy to use. The chat line is superb and the response is very quick. Highly recommended for those of us who need part-timers at short notice. We were able to find our part-time cleaners easily through Freeboh.

Palate Sensations Cooking School

Lynette Foo, Managing Director
Palate Sensations Cooking School

The account manager was diligent in following up and ensuring that we constantly have applicants for our vacant positions to meet our recruitment needs. Bally has found freeboh.com extremely useful and very helpful and very user-centric.

Jen Liew,  HR Manager

Freeboh allows me to get part-timers fast. I could also manage their shifts easily with the scheduling features. And one more thing I like, my account manager was responsive and got back to me quickly when I had questions.

Park Woo Jae, Chef and Owner
Twins Korean Restaurant

Freeboh helps me find staff easily for interview and to arrange my schedule. It has active users in the portal.

Shaun Gian, Chef and Owner
The Betterfield

I like the flexibility of Freeboh as I am able to hire manpower as according to my needs. Also, I enjoy using this platform since there are people regularly applying for my job. It is a great alternative to conventional hiring methods.

Christopher Tan, Owner
Laneway Market

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