When it comes to job experiences, looking for new jobs and going through the different aspects of finding a new job through the various “different but same” job agencies both private and government-based out there, I believe I’m one of those few who dare to say he’s been there, done that already and seen it all! And so on and so forth.

So, just very recently, I was on the hunt for a new job, since August this year. Don’t get me wrong there. My last job, which was in the retail line as usual, lasted approximately only one and a half month, give and take a few days, only because I was sick and tired of the overall poor management of that shop that the workers there, including the manager herself, never seem to tire of. It’s always the same old recurring stories and mistakes made week after week with no improvement made. At all.

So, I left before my health could get any worse and I die from another work-related heart-attack! Not worth it, I tell you!

One thing lead to another and I started going from one job fair to the next. From what I have been through so far, every job fair’s the same! The only difference lies in the different faces and companies you see at each different (yet same) job fair. But the concept is still to find a suitable job from one of the many companies attending the fairs, right?

Let’s be honest. Finding a job is easy. BUT, finding a job that suits oneself? Now, that’s an entirely different story altogether! And finding a job that’s tailored to one’s own needs and timing so that we can have time for, you know, the other aspects of our lives in order to balance out the way we survive within the nightmare that’s the hectic man-made society we have created for ourselves today, that’s even rarer still!

However, unbelievable as it sounds, I was able to find the solution to all my job worries when I chanced upon this uniquely named local company during one of my trips to yet another (boring) job fair. Or so, I thought.

First of all, the name alone caught my attention and I had to do a double-take when I first heard the name.

We all know how job search agencies usually are like, right? They always come up with the most boring and mundane names that don’t separate them from the rest and not only that, they sometimes get mixed up for one another due to the similarity in their names! But with a singular (forgive me for my pun here) and most Singaporean yet professional sounding name, this online platform, definitely from Singapore, caught my attention at the very first mention!

And what separates Freeboh Innovations Pte Ltd from all the rest of its competitors?

Where do I even start, people!

Btw, ‘Freeboh’, if you haven’t the slightest clue by now, is Singlish for “Free, or not”.

That said, their website features different groups of jobs for different needs, including a ‘Featured categories’ section that breaks down into four different categories such as ‘Sweet, Short Hours’ and ‘Weekend Jobs’.

Thing is, Freeboh’s website is designed to allow job seekers to find what they are looking for at a glance. Not only that, they cater to job employers as well! It’s a win-win situation for both ends of the bargain if you ask me. Besides, they focus mainly on part-time jobs in the service and F&B sectors and a unique bidding system for the jobs and shifts! Yes, you actually bid for the job AND the shifts you want to work so you can work at your own convenience and time so you can have time for, well, the other things in your life, right?

I can go on and on about the merits and benefits of seeking a job through Freeboh. Instead, why not find out yourself through their online portal here and their FB page¬†here. I’m sure you will find something interesting to work on once you do, like I did!

Good luck!

I do it because I can.