All about bidding (Staff members)

  • What is a bid? 
We aim to have happy businesses and happy workers. To ensure that, it is important that there is a good fit between the opportunity listed and you. After browsing or searching our listings, it is time to take action when you have found something that suits you. By placing a bid, businesses are notified of your interest and availability for the shifts you have bidded for and can then assess if this is a good match for them too. To find out more, read on!
  • How to bid for your weekly schedule

Step 1: Click "Work", followed by the job position that you are working for. (eg. Service Crew/ Sales Assistant)

Step 2: Click on the blue shifts that you are available to work for. 

Step 3: Click "confirm". 

Step 4: A pop-up window will show you the details of the confirmed bid. The manager will get back to you through text or phone. Upon confirmation, please be punctual for your shifts.

Step 5: You can also click on diary to check if those shifts have been confirmed. Light green shifts indicates confirmed shifts, while dark green shifts are shifts that are pending for manager’s approval. 

  • Which shift should I bid?
You should bid those blue shifts with vacancies, those are the shifts that businesses need most, thus you have the highest chance of being selected. 
  • What happens if I bid on a wrong shift?
You can only withdraw your bid before the business confirms your shift. In the event that the shift has already been confirmed, please contact your boss ASAP. 
  • What happens if I cannot turn up for my shift?     
You have to find a replacement with a fellow staff and discuss with your boss if he/she is comfortable with the arrangements. 
  • I have placed a bid, what happens next?
Usually the business will get back to you within 2-5 business days, either through phone or through text confirmation. Try to bid for days that are not too immediate to give businesses sufficient time to respond. 
  • What happens when a bid has been confirmed?
  1. Turn up for work on time 
  2. Be neat
  3. Appropriate attire - Covered shoes, or any other specification requested by business previously (Eg. Black shoes, black pants, uniform etc.)
  • What happens when a bid has been declined?
The store has sufficient manpower for that shift. It's your day off!