Know someone who is hiring? Refer them to us and be rewarded for being such a good friend! Get $50 cash for every successful referral*. What's  more, your friend will also receive $50 in hiring credits when they start hiring with us! Terms and conditions apply.


Step 1 - Join:

Click here to sign up as a Referrer and a personalised referral link will be generated for you. You would be required to first register for a Freeboh account if you are not already a Freeboh user.

Step 2- Share:
Share your personalised referral link with anyone you know is hiring. You can also share your referral link conveniently on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp in just a few clicks!

* Step 3- Reward:
A successful referral occurs when an employer referred by you signs up for a new Freeboh business account and purchase a minimum of $100 hiring credits. For each successful referral, the employer receives $50 bonus credits and you will be rewarded with $50 cash. It's that simple!

Step 4- Earn more:
Remember, the more you share, the more rewards you may potentially get. So visit your referral page often and share more!