Enterprise Flexi
Work System

Our vision is to revolutionize the workplace of tomorrow, creating an Agile Workplace that leverages state-of-the-art technology to seamlessly integrate Flexi-Work, empowering our teams to scale dynamically with market demands.

Why Flexi-Work?

  • The modern marketplace operates 24/7, and businesses in industries such as hospitality, supermarkets, and restaurants must provide continuous services. An Agile Workplace with Flexi-Work integration is essential to meet these demands.

  • To deliver seamless service, businesses need a flexible and adaptable on-demand workforce. This approach helps them to manage fluctuating demand and keep staffing costs low.

  • By leveraging project-based staffing solutions, companies can efficiently meet workforce targets without the expense of full-time hires. This approach provides the agility required in today's dynamic market.

  • Flexible staffing arrangements are on the rise across multiple industries, with businesses recognizing the cost savings and operational efficiencies of an Agile Workplace that incorporates Flexi-Work.

  • The gig economy and contingent labor force offer a vast pool of skilled workers for HR managers to source from. By tapping into this talent pool, companies can quickly and efficiently meet their workforce needs.

  • The shift towards Flexi-Work arrangements necessitates the use of technology to manage the new labor force. Automated scheduling and collaboration tools are critical to enable HR managers to maintain operations around the clock.

Our Product

FLEX2 Enterprise Flexi Work System

Product Vision

Freeboh’s Flex2 is a comprehensive cloud-based human resource management system tailored for organizations seeking to optimize their flexible workforce. This all-inclusive solution handles every stage of the employee life cycle, from crafting targeted job postings and conducting thorough candidate screening to ensuring precise payroll processing and facilitating effective performance evaluations. With Flex2, organizations can efficiently manage their HR processes while fostering growth and adaptability.


Product Capabilities

Seamlessly integrate hiring, time-keeping, leave management and payroll to enable Flexi-Workforce Management.

Job Portals

Candidate Screening/ Vetting

Enrollment & Access

Candidate Tracking

Full-time Hiring

Flexi-Work Hiring

Training Enrollment & Tracking

Staffing/ Scheduling

Time Clocking

Performance Tracking & Evaluation

Flexible Payroll Processing

Our Product Philosophy

  • Self-Directed Operation

  • Partnering stakeholders to deliver solutions that work for them

  • Minimise user data entry through intelligent dataflows

  • Seamless Execution

  • Flexible Deployment

  • Reconfigurable to different workflows

  • Designed and built on a horizontally scalable infrastructure

  • Enterprise Scale

Our Technology Engines

In building FLEX2 product, we have incorporated our in-house developed engines that could be productised to serve different client needs.

Dynamic Approval Engine

  • Support chain of individual or group approvals

  • Unlimited levels of approvals

  • Attach approvals to (almost) any business process

Reconfigurable User Interface (Form Builder)

  • No code-change dynamic reconfiguration of

  • User menus

  • Pages

  • Tables, filters and action

Reconfigurable Workflow Engine

  • Dynamic form creation by end-users

  • Supports powerful and customisable validators integrated with backend data sources

  • Supports dynamic form reconfiguration based on user’s responses

  • Full record versioning

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