Freeboh helps businesses

Why should businesses post their vacancies here, and not anywhere else? We have more to offer.
Let Freeboh manage your shift operations while you focus on growing the business!

Grow your workforce.

Freeboh is a patent pending app that makes it easy for YOU the employer to list vacancies you have, and with a few clicks have part timers to bid for positions to solve your employment needs. It is easy with Freeboh for you to achieve a schedule so flexible that it fits nicely to the schedule of the part timers. Dismissing the whole process of checking their availability and the chore of mind boggling scheduling.

Reduce your workload.

Freeboh does not stop at enlarging workforce. We help you manage it. With the intuitive feature that calculates payroll in sync with the shift bidding system, employee management is now a breeze.

Bring in your backups.

No shows are under control with the bidder's database. Conveniently determine employees with unsuccessful bids for a specific shift with your handheld devices. Chances are, the employee is still available so that under-staffing at any of your shifts becomes a thing of the past.

Meet business demands.

Freeboh's employee database makes it easy to promote your vacancies when your business demands it. Simply send a shoutout to all your previous and current bidders to get extra part timers to meet last-minute requirements!