Flexi-workforce Readiness Checklist

Is your organisation ready to have a flexible workforce? Answer the following questions to help guide your understanding of your organisation’s readiness:

  1. Do you have a clear understanding of the types of flexible work arrangements that would work for your organization, such as remote work, flextime, compressed workweeks, or job sharing?
  2. Have you identified the jobs or roles that are suitable for flexible work arrangements?
  3. Have you assessed the technology and infrastructure necessary to support flexible work arrangements?
  4. Have you established clear policies and guidelines for flexible work arrangements, including expectations for communication, productivity, and accountability?
  5. Have you trained managers and employees on how to manage and work effectively in a flexible work environment?
  6. Have you identified any legal or regulatory barriers that may impact your ability to offer flexible work arrangements?
  7. Have you assessed the potential costs and benefits of implementing flexible work arrangements, including increased productivity, reduced real estate costs, and improved employee satisfaction and retention?
  8. Have you solicited feedback from employees on their preferences for flexible work arrangements?
  9. Have you developed a plan to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of flexible work arrangements over time?
  10. Have you identified potential risks and challenges associated with flexible work arrangements, such as maintaining team cohesion and managing workloads?

By answering these questions, organizations can gain a better understanding of their readiness to adopt a flexible posture to their workforce and identify areas for improvement.

Now that you have answered these questions, check out our guide to Building a Flexible Workforce

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