Kampung Admiralty: A Real-World Illustration of the 15-Minute City Concept and Its Impact on Flexible Work Arrangements

Kampung Admiralty, located in Singapore, is a prime example of the 15-minute city concept espoused by Carlos Moreno. In his seminal TED talk, Carlos explains the concept

This integrated public development, designed by WOHA, brings together a mix of public facilities and services under one roof1. It is a model that not only embodies the principles of the 15-minute city but also demonstrates how these principles can encourage and support flexible work arrangements.

Integrated Facilities Kampung Admiralty is a compact, multi-use complex that maximizes land use and caters to the needs of Singapore’s ageing population1. It houses a variety of facilities, including healthcare services, commercial spaces, social amenities, and residential apartments for seniors. This integration of services within a short distance aligns with the 15-minute city concept, making it easier for residents, including those working flexibly, to access essential services without long commutes.

Community Engagement The design of Kampung Admiralty fosters a sense of community, another key aspect of the 15-minute city concept. The Community Plaza, described as a community living room, is a public space where residents can participate in events, shop, or dine1. This encourages social interaction and community bonding, mitigating the isolation that can sometimes accompany flexible work arrangements.

Health and Wellness The inclusion of a Medical Centre within the complex means that residents, including those working from home, do not have to travel far for healthcare services1. The centre’s design, with natural daylight and views towards the Community Plaza and Park, promotes wellness and healing, contributing to the overall quality of life for residents.

Inter-Generational Interaction Kampung Admiralty also promotes inter-generational interaction, with childcare facilities and an Active Aging Hub located side by side1. This encourages interaction between the young and old, fostering a vibrant community. For flexible workers, especially those with caregiving responsibilities, having these facilities nearby can make balancing work and personal responsibilities easier.

Sustainability The design of Kampung Admiralty aligns with sustainability goals, another key aspect of the 15-minute city concept. The residential units are designed for natural cross ventilation and optimum daylight, promoting energy efficiency1.

In conclusion, Kampung Admiralty in Singapore is a real-world example of how the principles of the 15-minute city can be applied to support and encourage flexible work arrangements. By integrating essential services within a short distance, fostering community engagement, promoting health and wellness, encouraging inter-generational interaction, and aligning with sustainability goals, Kampung Admiralty creates an environment where flexible work can thrive.


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